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Cruises From Auckland

Cruises from Auckland are an unforgettable experience. With its modern cruise terminal, located just off the bustling harbour front, you can embark on a journey of adventure and luxury that will take your breath away. From the moment you enter the terminal, you will be swept away by the elegance of this stunning port-of-call. Rich in culture and history, Auckland has long been a favourite destination for cruise lovers looking for something truly special.

Embarking cruises from Auckland has never been easier; thanks to modern facilities such as check-in kiosks that allow quick boarding processes as well as onboarding staff who ensure every passenger is welcomed aboard with a warm smile. 


Auckland Cruise Terminal, Princes Wharf

Princes Wharf Terminal is an iconic marina located in Auckland, New Zealand. The terminal is situated on the waterfront of Waitemata Harbour and overlooks the Waitemata Basin – a stunning natural body of water that is surrounded by the Auckland harbour’s many islands. It is also home to some of the most sought-after luxury yachts in New Zealand. Adding that extra bit of luxury with cruises from Auckland.

The wharf has a long and illustrious history, with links to Maori culture stretching back centuries prior to European settlement. In its early days, it was an important part of the trade route between Auckland and other Pacific Islands, as well as being a base for whaling operations in the 1800’s. This meant that during this time period, many ships would pass through here. Today, its core purpose remains unchanged – acting as a hub for all things nautical and maritime related in the Auckland region. 

The terminal boasts extensive facilities which include 18 berths with moorings suitable for vessels up to 120 metres long, as well as ample space for passengers to disembark or embark from their vessels. It also offers some of the best views across Auckland city and Waitemata harbour – making it ideal for tourists wanting to take in some breath-taking scenery – but also provides convenience for commercial boats looking to do business at Princes Wharf Terminal. With all these features combined, it has become one of Auckland’s top marinas. No wonder numerous cruises from Auckland, depart from here.

The views aren’t just limited to those inside the harbour: Princes Wharf Terminal also boasts two observation towers which offer panoramic views across both Waitemata harbour and Rangitoto Island – providing visitors with an unrivalled view into New Zealand’s picturesque landscape. Apart from providing magnificent vistas, these towers also act as a forum where tourists can meet local Maori cultural ambassadors who share stories about Maori traditions and histories associated with this area – truly immersing them into Kiwi culture! 

Combine all these elements together with its convenient location close to CBD shopping centres; dining streets; attractions such as Viaduct Harbour & Sky Tower; transport links; plus its spectacular backdrop – then there’s no doubt why Princes Wharf Terminal is a must-see destination for anyone visiting or staying near Auckland City! Especially those going on cruises from Auckland.

Auckland Cruise Terminal, Queens Wharf

Queens Wharf Terminal, located in the heart of Auckland New Zealand, is an iconic destination and the largest container port facility in the country. With over 4 million containers moved each year, Queens Wharf has become a major hub for businesses seeking to efficiently move goods across the nation. The terminal is made up of four berths that are capable of servicing both small vessels as well as large container ships. Making it an ideal location for cruises from Auckland. It also has two bulk cargo wharves for handling grain and other commodities. The terminals operations are managed by Ports of Auckland, a state-owned enterprise that oversees all maritime services within New Zealand’s largest city.

Opened in 1972, Queens Wharf was initially used for general cargo shipping from Europe to New Zealand. Over time, it became increasingly popular with businesses seeking to transport goods around the country and abroad due to its prime location just off the shoreline of Northshore City. The terminal has been extensively expanded since then and now features high level modern facilities including multiple cranes and automated storage systems that allows for efficient handling of containers as well as integrating with trucking services for loading and unloading freight quickly and easily.

Queens Wharf provides various amenities that make it an attractive place to do business such as full security clearance systems, 24/7 customer service support, onsite controllers to monitor incoming or outgoing traffic and much more. The terminal also boasts a range of environmental initiatives such as top quality waste water management systems and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout their operations in order to reduce their carbon footprint while still remaining highly efficient.

At night time, Queens Wharf is lit up with dazzling lights that help create an impressive atmosphere for visitors and locals alike. This is part of its ongoing commitment towards increasing public access to waterfront areas which includes art installations scattered throughout the wharf area that reflect on Auckland’s rich maritime history. With such impressive facilities combined with ongoing efforts towards sustainability and public engagement, Queens Wharf Terminal continues to be one of the most important ports for cruises from Auckland. Not to mention its importance within New Zealand’s vibrant economy – providing an essential link between local businesses and customers both nationally and internationally.

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